happy monday y'all ↟↡ 10 facts about me

Ok I was in a blogging blah. So my absolutely awesome sis looked up blogging ideas for me while she was doing homework. Well, here goes nothing. :)

I haven't brushed my hair in years......dudes for real. I have such curly hair than once when I twisted (yes this was a stupid idea) a comb in it and I got it seriously stuck. Eventually *imagine sweat, blood and tears* I was able to get it out after a while....long while. Now, I pretty much just finger comb. I pretty much scream if someone tries to brush my hair. Another reason why I haven't been to get my hair cut in about 7 years.My favorite color is green. Anybody who lives where there is snow knows exactly what I am talking about. It's so refreshing and there are soooo many shades you can have. Even my room is green. Plus my friend told me today that I look good in green. yay! I play 6 instruments. Yup yup!! My main instrument is viola (I have chair tests today for the Youth Symphony I am in) and then I dabble in …

The one who waits ↠ Daniel 12:12

I am at a season of my life where I am waiting. and waiting. Sometimes it bothers me. Most of the time it doesn't. I am just working and helping and teaching while waiting to see where God points me in my short life on this eath. And I don't mind. Here is a devotional that I read over and over that speaks to me in this time of my life. 

↠ Waiting may seem like an easy thing to do, but it is a discipline that a Christian soldier does not learn without years of training. Marching and drills are much easier for God's warriors than standing still. 

There are times of indecision and confusion, when even the most willing person, who eagerly desires to serve the Lord, does not know what direction to take. So what should you do when you find yourself in this situation? Should you allow yourself to be overcome with despair? Should you turn back in cowardice or in fear or rush ahead in ignorance?

No, you should simply wait--but wait in prayer. Call upon God and plead your case b…

Uganda Times ↠ Say No

A week ago I was standing in red Ugandan dirt. My hands were never clean and my feet stained red. Little faces beamed up at me with their white teeth grinning. I loved every moment I spent there even though it was different than home. There will be many more posts on the trip and many more pictures. But for now I will give you this poem I wrote about 3 children who were following us around market asking for money.

You pleaded
but i had to say no
inside my heart bleeded
i wanted to say yes
so that you would be blessed
giving you money
food, anything
that would make you
a slave
to a passion that fills with a never ending hunger
it would consume you
never being able to see
outside the box
so i tell you no
gently pushing you
towards a new road
one where He only
can fill the hole

Happy New Year ↠ 13 Days Late

↠Happy New Year Everybody↞
Yes, it is waaayyyy past January 1st *screams because almost half of the first month is gone*...but the strange thing about this year is that I have made resolutions(and for the most part kept them)! Yes, y'all should be very shocked. Anybody who knows me understands what I mean.
Here they are!! *drumrolllllllll*
I Will 
not complain
I would like to think that I don't complain...but so many times I catch myself through out the day like *but whyyyyyy???* or *fiiiinnnnneee...sigh i'll do it* Granted, I may not say them out loud but I do have them rolling around in my head sometimes. Whether I am pulling huge globs of hair out of the shower, digging out chunks of toothpaste from the sink, or even making my bed *like why?? i am just going to get in it 12 hours* 

spend time in the Word and prayer everyday  A recent LifeWay Research study found only 45 percent of those who regularly attend church read the Bible more than once a week. Over 40 percent of t…

↠ Echoes ↞

the light in her eyes,  as they land on her prize.  a little gasp,  a mysterious smile her hands tenderly touch  black and white photographs and old outdated maps the wheels begin to turn  as her thoughts start to churn stories form  she is transported to a different world  where the voices  of the black & white photos can be heard
inspired by going to antique shops

Grim ↠ Grandeur

A nearly dilapidated barn  hovers on the brink  of death. Leaning,  as if hardly having enough strength to stand,  creaking through dark hours  of the blackest  night. Not knowing  when time will call  to bring it to its  fateful fall. It moans  as the  harsh wind  whips  it's brittle frame to and fro. Rain falling in torrents  weigh it down with dread  for another  day to come.

inspired by my neighbors barn about 2 years ago

Why I love LIFE ↠ my story

Once there was a woman. She made many choices that she thought would only end up affecting her. But no. She became pregnant. With a baby girl. The father wasn't even in their world. In fact the baby girl never met her birth father. She was born. Into poverty. They never had a house. In fact they lived in a truck. Ate out of cans. Traveled around. There was fighting. Crying. Often the baby girl and her sister were left. Alone. On a doorstep of a house. With people they didn't know. Told to wait there until the fighting was over. At a very young age her innocence was stripped from her. Eventually they started to rent a upper part of a house. The baby girl obeyed everything she was told. She sat in the corner. Had to breathe the smoke of cigarettes. If she was told to go to bed she went. Even if it was right after lunch. 

One day the drugs took a hold. The baby girl couldn't do anything to make the woman happy. She was the brunt of the attacks. Too young to understand, too you…